ANLON Group is a research-intensive organization is into manufacturing of APIs and intermediates, process control instruments and pharmaceutical products.

Based in Rajkot in Gujarat in India, ANLON Group has already earned a global recognition for manufacturing products that adhere to the highest standards of quality. ANLON Group has three major divisions – Anlon Healthcare Private Limited is into manufacturing of API and its intermediates, while Anlon Technology Research Organization is into manufacturing of process control and automation instruments and Anlon Lifescience Private Limited is engaged into multi dimensional modern pharmaceutical products.

Anlon Healthcare Private Limited has gained competency in Organic Synthesis and Process Development complying regulatory requirements of leading health authorities such as FDA, PMDA, KFDA, cGMP, WHO-GMP. With exceptional Research and Development (R&D) capabilities, advanced API manufacturing facilities, global regulatory accreditations, a strong product pipeline and speed-to-market competencies, Anlon Healthcare Private Limited has already created a niche in APIs and Intermediates production market and can be considered an ideal API partner for any bulk drag manufacturing need.

Anlon Healthcare Private Limited offers technical and regulatory support across the entire production process, from project initiation to final production. Manufacturing facility of Anlon Healthcare Private Limited is equipped with high precision instruments that build quality at every stage of the process. Owing to the emerging competitive climate of the pharmaceutical industry, Anlon Healthcare Private Limited has remain proactive in discerning ways to continually add customer value and augment its competency in business.

Anlon Technology Research Organization is a brain trust of impassioned technocrats who thrive on creating groundbreaking ideas to manufacture Process Control and Automation Instruments pertaining to a wide range of applications and has been providing ingenious manufacturing solutions to our clientele around the world. Since its genesis, Anlon Technology Research Organization has helped businesses meet revolutionary changes in a fast moving knowledge economy. The array of customizable, versatile and highly efficient instruments assures productivity and sustainability. Since its inception, Anlon Technology Research Organization has earned proficiency in product design, product development and testing through extensive market and intensive scientific research. The state-of-the-art R&D facility with dedication of engineers creates a distinctive advantage for Anlon TRO.

Anlon Lifescience Private Limited is multi dimensional modern pharmaceutical company with profound manufacturing skills, in-depth marketing strategic insight and leading exporter for healthcare products. The objective of the company is to research, develop, manufacture, and market new medicines, nutraceuticals and cosmetics of high quality at affordable price for patients across the globe.

Anlon Lifescience Private Limited has state-of-the-art formulation manufacturing units, adhering to international standards and regulations. With in deep scientific knowledge, Anlon Lifescience Private Limited ensures that medicines are formulated from highest quality API and Excipients. With sound technical knowledge Anlon Lifescience Private Limited ensures that all formulations are up to the standard in size, shape, weight, color and related physical properties. Anlon Lifescience Private Limited periodically upgrades technology, automated machines and instruments to match up to exponential global demand of formulations.