Anlon Healthcare: working hard for healthier tomorrow

Anlon Healthcare: working hard for healthier tomorrow

To harness the strength of technology and research into becoming a leading global pharmaceutical company that delivers maximum consumer satisfaction.

Innovation is seen what everybody has seen and thinking of what nobody has thought. Change is called for an innovation and innovation leads to progress. With this very approach to change what is compelling, inclusive and visionary – Anlon seeks to drive efficiency and productivity while delivering great results.

Our one and only mission is to deliver exceptional performance by developing and providing innovative healthcare products that lead to healthier and productive lives.

Anlon Healthcare is a research intensive manufacturing unit of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) and drug intermediates. We were established in the year 2009 to manufacture and to cater to the healthcare industry. Our manufacturing facility is located on Rajkot – Gondal Highway, National Highway – 27 (NH 27). This makes it easily approachable from commercial capital of India, Mumbai and economic capital of Gujarat, Ahmedabad.

Our manufacturing facility is equipped with high precession instruments that build quality at every stage of the process. Both the blocks – Pharma Block and Intermediate block –use state-of-the-art machinery to meet the global standards.

Our ultramodern manufacturing facilities comply with regulatory requirements of leading health authorities such as FDA, PMDA, KFDA, EDQM, cGMP and World Health Organization (WHO) in accordance with various national and international standards.

Accuracy and precession are guaranteed owning to the high-tech and sophisticated instruments. The intermediate manufacturing facility is well-equipped with reactors capable of handing high reaction volumes. These reactors come with the capacity varying from 500 to 4000 liters which makes its capacity go upto 65,000 liters.

We have dedicated labs to perform quality checks which are well equipped with high-end technology and instruments such as HPLC, GC, HSGC, UV and IR Spectrometer, Digital Polari Meter, Bulk Density Apparatus and Stability Chambers. It has a robust system of sampling and differentiating products. The routine raw material undergoes an extensive process of product sampling.  After the immense quality check, the finished goods are transferred to the warehouse which stores all the products in a controlled temperature storage.

Anlon’s production capacity has continued to play a key role in shaping up the enviable reputation of the company. This large amount of production capacities, makes it possible for Anlon to deliver high quality and affordable products to countries such as Asia, Latin America and Europe.

Anlon being a knowledge and research driven pharmaceutical company takes care of talent and training management of its employees. A dedicated training and development unit runs specialized training programme to develop and enhance professional skills of the personnel.

Anlon is committed in its endeavour to protect the planet by adhering to the best waste management and recycling facilities in compliance with Environment, Health and Safety regulations.

We are Anlon Healthcare, working hard for healthier tomorrow.


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